BT Openreach (M.J.Quinn)

The larger the fleet, the bigger the challenge. M.J.Quinn's huge nationwide BT Openreach fleet requires a high-performance solution across a wide spectrum, from tracking and security to highly responsive installation teams...

Such a large and varied fleet with extensive requirements creates a constantly-moving fleet picture. Revelation vehicle tracking has been the only choice for M.J.Quinn's BT Openreach Operations team since the communications installation and maintenance contract was awarded by BT several years ago.  As their appointed telematics provider, Revelation Vehicle Tracking has been delighted to meet and overcome the challenges raised by such a sizable fleet operation.

the result

M.J.Quinn's varying fleet size from 1400-1600 tracked vehicles needed a dedicated hands-on approach to implement. The 'moving picture' of the fleet and high turnover of new-for-old vehicles has meant that the task is a daily ongoing one, with dedicated Revelation staff allocated to the smooth management of just this contract. From our in-house nationwide installation teams to serve the vehicles on the ground, to our IT team who oversee the maintenance of the integration between the back-office CRM systems that help the Openreach planners allocate work to engineers and co-ordinate daily nationwide operations.

Numerous bespoke Revelation features have been designed to help M.J.Quinn service the BT Openreach contract with lower overheads, higher productivity and efficiency and lower fuel and CO2 figures.

With a significant proportion of vehicles being designated as 'EHV' (Extra High Value) for fibre optic-laying, as well as fitting Revelation tracking devices and alarms we also installed extra security to prevent vehicle theft. Thanks to this 'extra security', the result has been a 100% success rate for theft prevention of these vehicles, even when the thief had the keys or had gained access to the cab of the vehicle - an event that has reportedly happened 8 times at least.