Firwood Timber

Firwood Timber chose Revelation to provide a comprehensive vehicle tracking solution for their nationwide fleet of HGVs. 

As well as wanting live tracking, Firwood were having difficulty in accurately gauging driver hours to ensure no driver exceeded their 9-hour daily limit. A lot of time was also spent by the back office staff trying to verify Overnight Stay expense allowances submitted by some drivers.

The Result

The in-house Revelation IT team had their work cut out with this scenario. Based on the problems Firwood were having, we produced two brand new features - 'Virtual Tachograph' and 'Overnight Stay' monitor. 

The 'Virtual Tachograph' feature reflects the true tachograph inside the vehicle, allowing you to see daily driving time, stop time and time spent idle.  All times are clearly collated, so one quick glance tells the fleet manager if a driver can squeeze one more job in that day, or warn if a driver is reaching their daily driving limit.

'Overnight Stays' was a great challenge to overcome. We needed to verify which drivers were staying away overnight and therefore allowed to claim expenses. As all vehicles are usually returned to base overnight, we wrote an algorithm to find who was back at the Head Office yard at midnight that night. Vehicles that aren't there are taken to be away on an Overnight Stay. This can be easily verified too, by clicking the Moon Icon on the feature, it shows you the exact map location of where that vehicle spent the night.