Park Lane Self Drive

Park Lane Self Drive spoke to Revelation about a vehicle tracking solution for their hire fleet. As the most rapidly expanding vehicle rental operation in the Nottingham/North Midlands area, they needed not only security, but also flexibility and low cost.

As with any vehicle hire company, security and effective vehicle management are important factors when it comes to rental markets. While Revelation can't stop a vehicle being stolen or simply not returned, we can take steps to minimise the risks involved, and maximise the chances of recovering the stolen asset if it is.  Equally, managing the problems associated with vehicle rentals such as bridge, tunnel or motorway toll charges which aren't declared by the customer can result in time-consuming follow-ups and need to be managed effectively. After listening to these issues faced by Park Lane, our in-house team went to work...

the result

To address the security issue, we designed and implemented a brand new feature - 'All Ports Alert'. This innovative alert is rarely triggered, but it's reassuring to know that this feature is a watchdog that never sleeps. We've hard-coded geofences (invisible areas that recognise when a Revelation tracking unit enters or leaves it) around every port in the UK capable of shipping a vehicle out on either a ferry or in a container.  If a vehicle even comes close to one of these ports, the hands-on team at Park Lane Self Drive can take instant steps to determine if it requires immediate action.

Further hard-coded geofences have been put in place around the London Congestion Zone, M6 Toll and Dartford Crossing to record if hired vehicles may have incurred unpaid extra charges that aren't declared when a vehicle is handed back.