Locate Nearest Vehicle Search

One of the many useful features of the Revelation tracking system is the ‘Nearest Vehicle Search’, which pretty much does what it say on the tin.

All you’ve got to do is enter the postcode or address, click the search button and in seconds our system will tell you in order, of who is exactly the nearest. If that driver is already busy on another job, just select the second nearest. In a fraction of a second Revelation recalculates the most efficient route to take, as well as the distance and ETA (Estimated Time of Arrival). It’s reassuring stuff if you’ve got an anxious customer waiting on the other end of the telephone or simply want to improve your customer service levels.

Taking a step-up from the ‘Nearest Vehicle Search’ feature, is the ability to locate the nearest qualified engineer or vehicle. The screen-shot to the (left/right?) shows a client with nearly 200 vehicles, but only two are qualified for a particular type of job. By simply selecting on the 5-Star rating next to the box you enter the postcode in, you can exclude all those engineers or vehicles not qualified to carry out that job. All you have to do is nominate who is on what level in your company and Revelation Smart Vehicle Tracking does the rest, again offering the most efficient route, the total distance to the job and a highly accurate Estimated Time of Arrival for that chosen engineer or vehicle.

We know that times are pretty tough at the moment, so if you’re wondering how much extra this feature (or any other of our unique handy features) costs, let us answer in a word; none.

All of our options are not only built around what your company needs to reduce fuel bills and drive down operating costs, but we offer them completely free of charge as a bespoke software package to suit your business down to the ground.