Set Points of Interest (frequent drop-offs, regular locations etc.)

Points of Interest (or POI) can be set for anything, be it the company headquarters, an everyday supplier, even a road or employee house.

Points of interest make it easier to see information on the map with a quick glance. In the example, you can see where vehicles are in relation to the client’s Central Office in Bracknell. Rather than zoom in on the map, then work out where the head office is, it’s much quicker to set a Point of Interest.

You can also monitor Points of Interest to see who has been there, and how many times in any given date range. This is very useful to quickly find out how many times your drivers have visited a particular client or location, or simply made a sneaky stop off to that local café you’ve always suspected.

You can have any number of Points of Interest on the map, with over 300 icons. And if you think a map could look too cluttered with all that info going on, you can turn the Points of Interest icons off at the push of a button, leaving just your fleet vehicle icons to monitor.