About Us

Revelation Smart Vehicle Tracking provides comprehensive and accurate vehicle tracking 24 hours a day, 7 days a week using the next generation of tracking technology, with a selection of comprehensive contracts and pricing plans to suit all.

More companies than ever are enjoying the benefits of Revelation by driving down fleet operating costs, streamlining fleet operations and greatly improving their bottom line.

Thousands of pounds are lost each month through poor fleet management, often resulting in higher fuel costs and fewer hours worked. Revelation enables employers, fleet managers and transport managers to know where any single vehicle in the fleet is within seconds, view recent vehicle activity, verify hours worked, co-ordinate back office operations and help maintain a desired level of service for your business.

Our web-based user interface is one of the most user-friendly yet comprehensive on the market, and all accessible from any computer with an internet connection. Simply log in and watch the live information unfold and update every ten to fifteen seconds as it happens through the Here Mapping Platform (formerly Nokia Maps), either on a detailed road map or satellite imagery down to street level.

Revelation offers complete peace of mind through real-time SMS text alerts for unauthorised vehicle movement outside of hours, overtime, time on/off site and proof of business and private mileage. The only truly accurate system on the market due to our innovative approach.

With 10 second updates, unlimited use from any PC, free installation and one flat fee from just 18p/day with no lengthy contract, you’ll start seeing the difference Revelation can have on your business immediately.

Our updated Revelation system offers the user all the tools that are essential to saving you money and optimizing fleet operations. These include: Expected fuel consumption, CO2 emissions, automatic route comparison, Revelation accident management, job allocation software, duty of care alerts (fatigue), Revelation driver behaviour module and vehicle maintenance alerts to name but a few.

Here at Revelation we will work directly with you to achieve your targets. We guarantee Revelation will pay for itself in a matter of months.

Our business is saving yours money