A choice of devices...

...One unrivalled service

All of Revelation’s award-winning devices have been designed to be multi-dynamic, meaning that whichever one you choose, they will talk to the same tracking portal. The result is that you’re not tied to using one particular device and can choose which best suits your individual vehicles in your fleet. This is a massive benefit if you have the occasional short-term rental vehicle in your fleet, or one of your fleet is off the road for lengthy repair.

A large number of our clients run a mixture of hard-wired tracking units in parallel with Rev’N’Go (plug-in) units. When looking at our live online tracking portal, it’s actually pretty difficult to tell the difference between a hard-wired and plug-in unit.

  • 'SiRF 4' GPS technology (the highest outside of military use)
  • Free bespoke software tailored to your needs
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Express 24hr Installation and full dedicated technical support

 At Revelation, we pride ourselves on not only providing the best vehicle tracking solution on the market, but our tailored approach gives customers the precise tracking solution for their needs.

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