Rev 'N' Go OBD Tracking Devices

Rev’n’Go is the latest and most advanced addition to the next-generation ‘Plug & Play’ vehicle tracking devices, and simply plugs into the vehicle’s OBD diagnostic socket.

There’s no installation costs, and you can be tracking live online within minutes. Once you’ve plugged in Rev’n’Go, you’ll be tracking your vehicle in real-time using our secure website. Taking it from vehicle to vehicle is simple and pain-free, without any downtime or installation costs!


Maximum performance, minimum price...

Rev'N'Go units feature the latest, high-performance technology as standard. From the latest SiRF IV GPS chipset giving unrivalled accuracy to within 2ft, to the intelligent 3-axis accelerometer (G-Force meter) that allows the Rev'N'Go to self-calibrate to any position you mount it in the vehicle. We also offer a range of extension cables and splitter cables to give you a fully covert, yet easy self-installation.

“A simply essential device for any fleet. With as much as 10% of the M.J.Quinn fleet off the road at any one time for maintenance or repair, Rev’N’Go allows us to track replacement or short-term hire vehicles where it wasn’t feasible to before. Very easy and cost-effective with all the benefits of a wired install. It’s great for our constantly-changing fleet needs and we’re absolutely delighted with the results.”

By Ged Stringer, Fleet Manager, M.J.Quinn/BT Openreach, 1400 vehicles