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ACS International Schools

ACS International Schools first contacted us here at Revelation late in 2013 regarding fitting tracking devices to their contractors’ fleet of school buses, it was to be on a trial Pay AS You Go tracking basis for one of their 3 schools. The trial…

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Firwood Wagon

Firwood Timber

"The bespoke additional features the Revelation team tailor made for us save us a small fortune every month, plus take hours off the back-office staff workload. Impressive stuff and nice job guys."

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BT Openreach (M.J.Quinn Integrated Services Ltd.)

"Revelation has delivered a powerful, reliable and very cost-effective tracking system for our BT Openreach fleet... The result is a product and service level no other provider has come close to. Great product and a great team to work with."

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London Underground (M.J.Quinn Integrated Services Ltd.)

"Thanks to the Timewarp feature, complaints by the public can now be accurately pinpointed and fully investigated."

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Park Lane Self Drive

As the most rapidly expanding vehicle rental operation in the Nottingham/North Midlands area, Park Lane Self Drive needed not only security, but also flexibility and low cost...

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