Why Choose Us?

Enhanced Reporting

We give you the exact information you want, when you demand it. Our award-winning user-friendly reporting facility works in real time to give you the latest stats on your fleet movement. Be it Historical or Current reports, all are available at the push of a button, letting you streamline your fleet operations with immediate positive results on your business. Our comprehensive reports that can be accessed and exported are: expected fuel consumption, CO2 emissions, time on site, split between business and private usage, daily, weekly & monthly vehicle & fleet utilization, shift times, employee time sheets, duty of care and driver behaviour to name just a few.

Just for an extra peace of mind, all our Revelation products come with a life time guarantee and with a 24/7 customer support line for immediate response to any eventuality.

Unrivalled Mapping

Simplicity is one of the key features of Revelation, and the same can be said for our impressive mapping software and user interface.

We’ve put our mapping platform on a diet; stripping out all the information you’ll never need but leaving the things you will. Points of interest, restaurants, local cinemas and other attraction icons that bombard you when you look at some other budget maps out there can leave you feeling like finding your vehicle on screen is like searching for a needle in a haystack.

With Revelation, you’ll only ever see your vehicle, the road it’s on and relevant roads in the surrounding area, as well as any points of interest marked by the user. Leaving you free to co-ordinate your vehicle’s movements effectively with maximum efficiency.

Revelation uses the very latest mapping software from Here Maps (Formerly Nokia Maps), which are the most accurate on the market. Updates for developing features such as new roads and landmarks are automatically checked and uploaded to our dedicated mapping servers every single day from the Microsoft Network Servers. You can be sure that the Revelation maps you see are the latest available.