London Underground (M.J.Quinn Integrated Services Ltd.)

M.J.Quinn Integrated Services (Southern) appointed Revelation as their vehicle tracking and security provider following the high service levels offered to their national BT Openreach fleet. 

M.J.Quinn (Southern Division) wanted a real-time tracking solution to effectively co-ordinate fleet operations and help meet eco-targets as part of their ongoing commitment. 

Operating a large fleet to service extensive maintenance contracts such as London Underground brings with it its own challenges,  and adding in the high-pressure environment of Central London driving soon brings any problems to the surface. Many times we were asked by their fleet staff to help in identifying an offending driver who had been reported by a member of public... but unfortunately the vehicle registration number was not noted down.

This meant trawling through the routes of hundreds of vehicles until the offending driver was found. At best the task took hours, at worst it took days. 

the result

Timewarp. This invaluable feature may not be used on a daily basis, but when you need it you'll be very glad it's there! The Timewarp feature allows you to 'rewind the clock' back to where an alleged complaint took place, and when it was reported by the member of the public. Once you input your chosen date and time, Timewarp reverts the map back to that exact place, showing the positions of every vehicle in the fleet at that time. You can advance Timewarp minute-by-minute, or by the hour and watch your fleet movements unfold like it was a time-lapse movie.