Dashboard Suite

Revelation has been specifically designed with ease of management in mind, and a mountains of vehicle fleet data are useless without the facility to collate, interpret and deliver it effectively. This is where the Revelation Dashboard plays vital role.

The Dashboard gives fleet managers an immediate crystal-clear overview of their fleet operations, highlighting problem areas requiring attention, immediate areas demanding attention, and also peace of mind that KPI and emissions targets are being met.

The Dashboard is every fleet manager’s best friend, showing the Fleet Dashboard (giving a fleet overview), a Driver Dashboard (for specific drivers) and also an Eco Dashboard, which shows crucial CO2, fuel and emissions data, again for the entire fleet of a specific driver. All Dashboard data is viewable in helpful ‘Today’, ‘Last 7 Days’ and ‘Last 4 Weeks’ formats to assist the fleet manager search and review data.

The Dashboard is packed with other fleet-critical features:

  • Top 10/Worst 10 league tables for poor driving alerts, most wasteful drivers (based on ARC™ data)
  • Number of ‘Late Starters’, with a handy button next to the counter to show you exactly who
  • A live ‘Idle-O-Meter’ which as the name suggests lets you know how many vehicles are idling at that moment in time
  • A live Driving Alert meter giving instant surety of how well your fleet is driving
  • Full Fleet Behaviour driving alerts bar chart ARC™ Efficiency bar chart with Eco Snapshot