True Speeding and Advanced Driver Behaviour

Ensuring your fleet is driving responsibly is a vital requirement for any fleet manager.

Not only does it promote your business positively to other road users and pedestrians, but it also drastically reduces fleet running costs. Revelation offers advanced driver behaviour analysis, to regulate harsh braking, acceleration and cornering and most recently, True Speeding.

Unlike the vast majority of other systems that just give you option of a blanket speed limit alert (usually set at 70mph) Revelation’s True Speeding feature analyses the vehicle’s speed in relation to the posted speed limit of the road it is actually travelling on. To put it a simpler way, if one of your staff was driving at 60mph in a 30mph zone, any other tracking system wouldn’t be flag it up an alert and it would be easy to miss. Thanks to Revelation’s True Speeding, the system automatically performs the vehicle’s speed/speed limit calculation at an incredibly rapid rate of every 4 seconds and is accurate to within 2 feet of speed limit borders. Monitoring True Speeding couldn’t easier too, thanks to Revelation’s one-glance dashboard that acts as a very user-friendly conduit for all the data generated by your fleet.

As you can see from the screen capture from a live fleet, the Overspeed Analysis chart at on the lower part of the page collates and interprets every piece of important fleet data for you to review quickly. One quick glance tells you that the vehicle speed (plotted in red) is much higher than the posted speed limit (plotted in light blue) for almost all of the journey this driver made. The results may be worrying to any manager, but at least now the appropriate disciplinary or retraining steps can be taken towards the speeding employee.

Revelation also gives you a Best/Worst Offenders league table for a quick and easy reference, or to run a competition within the organisation to reward the best drivers in your fleet.