Time Warp

Timewarp is another industry first - unique to Revelation, and is a very basic, yet incredibly useful fleet management tool.

Timewarp allows the user in essence to rewind the clock back to a chosen time. The vehicle locations on the map and all associated positions will then revert back to how the map was exactly at that time. An essential feature when for example, a member of the public claims one of your vehicles was involved in a minor collision, but they didn’t manage to note the vehicle registration.

“The Timewarp feature has really helped us identify vehicles that may have been reported by the public. Recently a van was reported for parking in the wrong car park several times, but the registration was not noted. With over 180 vehicles in our fleet, it’d be a huge task to replay every vehicle’s route to find the offending vehicle. Timewarp allowed us to find the vehicle in a few clicks, not only saving time, but allowing us to improve our commitment to responsible driving standards throughout the fleet.”