Virtual Tachograph

Revelation was the very first tracking company to offer a Virtual Tachograph back in 2010, and since then many others have tried to follow suit by replicating it.

What started out as a simply invaluable tool for hauliers and HGV drivers to monitor driving hours (and comply with Duty of Care regulations), is now enjoyed by any client that requests it as a feature. With a detailed breakdown of the day’s activity, you can easily and quickly tell which drivers may be at risk of being fatigued, or even who can squeeze in another short local job whilst staying safely within their 9hr daily driving limit.

This Virtual Tachograph screenshot shows how easily it is to quickly review a vehicle’s daily activity. Identifying key areas such as excessive idling (yellow bars on the chart) or prolonged driving periods without a rest period (green bars) takes mere seconds without the need to forensically examine the driver’s routes. There’s a more detailed breakdown of the activity on the left of the screen, giving exact duration and when they occurred.